WHOLESALE is 50-60% off from unit price with minimum order of 2pcs per item and $50.00.
Perfume products are not included.



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Wholesale Fashion Jewelries

offers the best hand-made natural products utilizing only the best of high quality standards. We make sure that what we sell are of the latest design and style of the fasion industry. We provide products that are made or a combination of crystals, rhinestones, metal, glass, acrylic, pearls, ceramic, semi precious stones.We have almost all fashion needs a person can think of - from trendy bags, bracelets, earrings, hair accessories, necklace, rings, men's jewelries to glamorous bags, mannequins, perfumes, scarves and shoes.

Our site also provides business opportunity for those who wanted to earn income with minimum capital using our Affiliate Program or get discount vouchers to support ones needs to live and accessorize through our Referral Program.